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Tips for Tampa Plant Owners during Periods of Possible Frost

December 20th, 2010

Our company name is never more appropriate than during times when the Tampa Bay area is at risk of a frost or freeze.  Watch your local TV weather report and they will give very ample warning when the temperature has the potential to frost and take actions to protect your plants and trees.  In recent years, there has been catastrophic loss of plant life in Tampa because of the cold so take these measures to preserve your landscape.

What are Susceptible?

All tropical plants should be cared for during a frost or freeze warning.  Tree such as Coconut or Foxtail Palms are of particular importance because they are not cold hardy species.   Wrap the fronds of these trees as well as the bud (typically right underneath the fronds).

Cover Your Plants

Once you determine the plants and trees that need attention cover them with a cloth.  Make sure use a cloth material and not plastic.  Since the ground is warmer than the air, covering the plants forms a pocket of air 4 to 5 degrees warmer.   Don’t just cover your plants; seal them to the ground in order to keep that pocket of air separate from the outside air.

We recommend a frost cloth made specifically for covering plants.  Frost cloth is sold in most of the garden retailers around Tampa but they usually run out during cold weather.  Purchase some beforehand so you have them when needed.

Hydrate Your Plants

We at Keep it Green started watering our plants generously before a potential frost to get water into every last cell in the leaves.  Covering dry plants can be more damaging to them than the cold weather you are protecting them from.  Completely hydrated plants should thrive after the frost with minimal damage, maybe some tip burn on top where the new growth suffered from the effects of the cold.

Call us if you would like more information about your particular situation.

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