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Podocarpus is sometimes called the aristocrat of hedges because of its dense leaf structure and shaping ability.  Although it does not bloom, it provides constant new-looking thick green color to add fullness to any Tampa landscape.  They grow up to 50 feet tall if left untrimmed but a cleanly groomed plant will remain a consistent height, perfect for most types of hedges.  The needlelike leaves grow to about four inches long with a dark green top and light green bottom.

Easy to Shape Podocarpus as a hedge.

Podocarpus Hedges

Name Podocarpus, Podocarpus macrophyllus
Plant Type Evergreen Shrub
Hardiness Zones 8-11
Blooms No Bloom
Light Needs Direct Sunlight or Light Shade
Water Needs Semi Drought Tolerant, water weekly

Care Information

The Podocarpus is an easy plant to care for, especially once established.  It can tolerate short periods of drought but should be watered once a week in the midst of one to thrive.  Make sure not to plant in perpetually soggy soil to guard against root rot.  The tree is extremely resistant to pests and diseases.

6-6-6 type fertilizer applied a few times a year should provide all nutrition the Podocarpus will need.  The amount depends on the size of the tree.

Design Ideas

Podocarpus forms great hedges for almost any application.  Since they shape incredibly well, landscapers can continuously trim to any height in order to keep excess growth in check.  The plant grows very thick, especially in full sunlight.  Designers can place them in front of a fence and trim to an equal height or even use the plant as a fence itself to block poor views from a property.  It’s potential height also makes it a good choice for creating privacy in a yard next to multistory buildings.

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