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Tampa Pindo Palm Tree Nursery

The Pindo Palm’s canopy of gracefully symmetrical branches point up as they emerge as new growth and arch down toward the ground as they spread out.  The Pindo Palm serves as a great shade tree for your Tampa yard once it matures.  It is very cold hardy and will survive better than most in times of drought.

The trunks are very thick and have the remnants previous leaf bases left behind.  The white or creamy fragrant flower stalks get large and develop into tasty edible orange plum size dates.

Pindo Palm

Pindo Palm at Keep it Green

Names Butia Capitata, Wine Palm, Jelly Palm
Plant Type Palm Tree
Hardiness Zones 8-11
Blooms Summer
Light Needs Full to Partial Sun
Water Needs Steady When Soil in Moist
Soil Needs Moist, Well-Drained

Care Information

The best time to plant a Pindo Palm is in the Spring or Summer.  Dig a hole about twice the size of the root ball and deep enough so the base will be at the same level it was while growing in its previous location.  Spread fertilizer in the hole before planting to give it a base of nutrients to begin with.  Water daily for the first few weeks.

Reapply fertilizer every two to three months during heavy growing season.

The Pindo does not naturally shed its fronds so may need periodic pruning to keep a fresh look.

Design Ideas

The Pindo Palm is a great choice for a shade tree, but keep in mind it is a slow grower.  The drought tolerance and cold hardy characteristics give you a lot of freedom to place it anywhere you would like. It will be a consistent size over the years without a great deal of replanting.  It can reach heights of about 20 feet.

Keep it Green can help you pick out a Pindo Palm in several sizes.  We can even deliver and crane install large mature trees anywhere in your landscape.  Give us a call or stop by to see our selection.  We are minutes from:

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