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Ligustrum is a genus that contains approximately forty species of hedge shrubs and trees. In addition to that, there are eleven accepted species of Ligustrum. The Ligustrum is more commonly known as the Privet; which is used for privacy hedging. They make wonderful privacy hedges along the line of a property. Many of them are evergreen shrubs but there are some deciduous shrubs and small trees that flower each year, adding speckled beauty to the property line. They are fast growing and are enjoyable to have in a yard.



Names Ligustrum is the name of the genus; there are many species under the genus. Also known as the Privet.
Plant Type Tree, Shrub, Hedge
Hardiness Cold Hardy
Blooms Some species have white flowers which bloom in spring.
Light Needs Partial Shade to Full Sun
Water Needs High drought tolerance
Soil Needs Moist, well-drained
Cold Tolerance Mostly cold tolerant

General Care

Ligustrum in general is a fast growing, hardy plant. Depending on the species you choose, they make great privacy hedges due to their fast growth. They also can tolerate heavy pruning unlike some other plants, which makes it more appealing to people who aren’t confident on their pruning abilities.

Many species in the Ligustrum genus tolerate a wide variety of soil pH and can survive in most soil conditions. It is very fast growing and can thrive in both sunny and shady portions of the landscape. However, if you have clay-like soil, make sure that there isn’t any excessive amount of water pooling around the roots area of Ligustrum shrubs.

Design Ideas

If you are planting Ligustrum as a privacy hedge, be sure to space each plant out at least 5 feet apart because they can grow wide if not pruned or trimmed. They are very versatile, making them an ideal shrub for both beginners and experts alike. Check out the Keep it Green Nursery and see the Ligustrum trees and shrubs they have in stock. They will be glad to help you choose the perfect species for your landscape.