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Tampa Palm Tree Nursery

Nothing signifies a Tampa Bay landscape quite as definitively as a palm tree.  Keep it Green keeps many types of palm trees in its retail nursery and can get any size of any type at wholesale prices to pass the savings along to you.  We can use cranes to plant 10 foot trees to give your yard the instant look of maturity. Since palm trees grow best in hot, humid weather with lots of rain and sun, Florida’s climate is the perfect habitat for over 2500 species.  We also carry a healthy selection of cold hardy palm trees so you don’t have to worry about winters such as the cold ones over the past few years.

We can help you pick out the best palm for your yard depending the size, shape, cold hardiness, colors, leaf type, or growth rate that fits your needs.  Give us a call now for a consultation at 813-434-0924.

Sylvester Palm at Keep it Green