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Tampa Bay Gardenias

The Gardenia is a favorite shrub for landscapes in the Tampa area.  Its flowers range from creamy white to yellow and purple and give off a great scent.  The evergreen has leaves are a glossy dark green.  They are extremely versatile, used by many homeowners as

  • Shrubs
  • Flowers
  • Ground Covers
  • Borders
  • Hedges
  • Screens

There are a wide variety of Cultivars available and the proper one for your landscape depends on the characteristics you want regarding leaf color, flower size, height, growth speed, and the number of blooms per year.  Keep it Green carries many of the best flower choices for the Tampa Bay area considering all these and can consult with you to pick the right one for your yard.  Give us a call or stop in our store convenient to Riverview, South Tampa, Brandon, and Temple Terrace.

Planting Considerations

The type of soil is one of the main determining factors in determining if Gardenias are a great fit for the area and which species will thrive.  The best type of soil will be well drained with an organic improvement.   Also avoid soils with a pH above 7.  Gardenias do very well in Florida’s mild humid climate.  They don’t like freezing temperatures so keep that in mind when choosing a location around the house.  They should be placed in full sun or partial shade to maximize growth and flowering.  Keep them away from sidewalks and house foundations.   Keep it Green will help you pick out the perfect Gardenia for your yard.  We can plant some in a pot for you to take or we can produce a free landscape drawing including Gardenias and other plants and trees.  We also offer delivery and installation of everything we sell.