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Florida Peach Tree in Tampa

Beautify your Tampa lawn this spring with the Florida Peach, a strong sturdy beauty which produces lovely, petite pink and lavender flowers in the spring and wonderfully large fruit in the early summer. Due to their early bearing date, they beat the Georgia peach by two or three months. The peaches can grow up to half a pound each and have not only a heady aroma but sweet, tasty flesh.

The Florida Peach is the perfect peach tree for Florida because it is an early ripening, low-chill tree which will begin bearing as soon as the second year. If you are eager for peaches right now, Keep it Green stocks trees blooming in 10 gallon pots, all fruit bearing and they plant out to 3 ½ feet. The harvest lasts from 80-95 days.

Names prunus persica, the Florida peach
Hardiness Zones 7-9
Flower Color pink and lavender flowers in the early spring
Blooms Early Spring
Light Needs Full Sun
Water Needs Steady
Fruit Color yellow and green variegation
Fruits throughout the year when mature

Care information:

This tree does best in rich, well-drained soil which has a low pH. For best results, mulch plenty and continually thin and prune. If you have trees maintained in pots such as the 10 gallon pots from Keep it Green, you can plant any time of the year, but if the tree is in the dormant stage it is wise to plant in the winter months.

Basic Keep it Green Information:

The fruit trees of Keep it Green can be bought in 10 (the most common), 15, 30 gallon pots while the cocktail fruits come in 15 gallon and 30 gallon pots. Of course, all trees come from high end growers and are high quality graft, state inspected, current, treated and registered. Every tree registered in the state of Florida has to have a tag on the tree that is only good for one year.

Design ideas:

With its beautiful, bee-attracting flowers, dark green leaves, and large, wonderful fruit, the Florida Peach is as beautiful as it is practical. Even in the fall it doesn’t lack in beauty with its spread of yellow leaves. These trees are also nice little shade trees while growing but once full grown they are a handsome 12 to 18 feet. Create your own little peach arbor or mix with other fruit trees such as orange and plums and the smaller bush plants like strawberries and blueberries for a buffet of delights.