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Robellini Palm Tree

The Robellini Palm Tree is a great addition to most Tampa area landscapes.  Since it is a dwarf palm tree that grows slowly and only reaches heights of 6-12 feet, you can get a traditional palm tree look in an area where you need a controlled, predictably smaller foot print.  The tree has a single trunk with a very full crown of graceful three foot long leaves.

Robellini at Keep it Green

Robelllini at Keep it Green

Names Phoenix roebelenii, Pygmy Date Palm
Plant Type Dwarf Palm Tree, tropical perennial
Hardiness Zones 10, 11
Blooms Spring
Light Needs Full Sun Preferred
Water Needs Steady While Young
Soil Needs Moist, Well-Drained

Care Information

Water your Robellini consistently every day for the first few weeks after planting.  A drip irrigation system would work best since it slowly releases water over the roots.  Move toward twice a week watering for a few months after that and make sure to water during the cooler part of the day in the summer time.   Start fertilizing about four times a year after the tree has been planted for two months.  Use a time release fertilizer and make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions. Take care not to over prune your Robellini as they need as much of the protection their branches and leaves provide.  They also rely on dead leaves for nutrition so removing them away can threaten health.

Design Ideas

As mentioned before, the Robellini is a great tree or tall shrub as a centerpiece or area that could use a traditional Florida palm tree look but does not have a ton of space.  Make sure you put them in an area that receives plenty of sun and drains well.  The palm tree is not tolerant to frost so make sure it is easy to protect them on nights when the temperature threatens to go below freezing. Keep it Green can help you with Robalinis in many sizes.  Give us a call or stop by to see our selection.  We are minutes from:

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