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Flowers at Keep it Green Nursery


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Definitely a people magnet, flowers draw us like nothing else. Unless we’re on a hardcore mission, the “gem” section of the Garden Center is the first place we head, isn’t it? We want to buy flats and flats of them. Petunias, daisies, begonias and impatiens wave their enticing blooms at us, and we want them all.

Flowering trailers You may not have thought much about trailing plants, but there are some wonderful varieties that add a romantic look and invite admiration from your gardening friends.

Hang them in trees, on porches or train them to grow around your door. How romantic is that? Use them at your mailbox or on a porch soffit to fill the space in between columns. Hang one from the eave in front of your kitchen window to give your day a lovely visual beginning.

Delightfully charming

Geraniums and Impatiens

Geraniums and Impatiens at Keep it Green

Silver falls produce a lush growth of small leaves and feature tiny white flowers. Easy to care for and maintain, they make a great conversation piece wherever they’re placed.

Sweet potato vines tend to stay healthy, grow quickly and come in several colors—light green, a rich black and varigated. They can be started as a potted plant hung on a fence and left to wander down and away. Easy maintenance with these hearties. Large leaves have a graceful growth pattern, and their flowers bloom in orange, yellow and a vibrant purple-blue.

Golden globes feature a lovely flower. In a hanging basket, they’ll brighten a porch or accent the corners of eaves. Hanging several in a tree, or along a split rail fence will display a lively burst of color. Natives of Hawaii, they will not tolerate the colder weather; you’ll need to bring them inside to protect them during a cold snap.

However and wherever you use these fascinating plants, you may end up treating them as your “babies,” having encouraging conversations with them as you water and watch them grow.