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Valencia Orange Tree

Valencia orange trees have clusters of small white flowers that appear before the oranges begin to bloom in the Tampa area. The sweet fragrance of these flowers makes these trees desirable for their beauty as well as their delicious fruit. The rounded crown has an appealing shape and the elliptical, fragrant, glossy leaves will remain attractive throughout the year.

Valencia oranges are extremely juicy (almost 50%) so this tree would be the best choice if you are going to use the fruits of your labor for making orange juice.  They are the most representative of the type of oranges grown commercially in Florida.  Keep it Green stocks 10 gallon trees ready to be picked up and planted.  These trees are about 3-1/2 feet high when planted and already fruiting.  Other sizes are available.

Names Citrus sinensis
Plant Type Medium to Large Evergreen Tree
Hardiness Zones 9-11
Blooms Small white flowers before Oranges blossom
Light Needs Full Sun, Partial sun tolerant
Water Needs Steady While Young
Soil Needs Moist, Well-Drained
Fruits March-June
Seeds Few, 0-6
Fruit Size Medium, 2-1/2″-3″

Care Information

Orange trees require a great deal of sunlight and well drained soil. They prefer acidic soil and may perish if planted in alkaline soil. The base of the tree should be mulched to help it retain water. Trees should be watered at least once a week if they are in a dry climate. Fertilizer should be used sparingly, only four to five times during the growing period. It takes five years for a Valencia orange tree to mature and begin producing fruit.

Valencia orange trees should be planted in the spring. Because they require full sun, they should not be planted too close to other trees. Areas prone to high winds should also be avoided when planting an orange tree.

Design Ideas

Shade your yard and add beauty to any garden with a Valencia orange tree. Available in 5 gallon, 10 gallon, 15 gallon and 30 gallon pots, these trees will grow to between twenty and thirty feet in height with a lovely, rounded shape to the crown. And excellent choice for both shade and design, the leaves of the tree are roughly four inches in length with a shiny, leathery appearance. The delicate flowers add seasonal interest to the tree and the oranges can be used to make the best home made orange juice for your family.

Orange trees are a fun and attractive addition to any garden. The flowers will attract honeybees, benefiting the surrounding plants as well as the orange tree. Used as a centerpiece or an accent, these attractive trees are sure to be appreciated for their appearance and their delicious oranges.