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Tampa Bay Citrus Trees

Citrus Trees are one of the most distinctive types of trees found in the Tampa area.  Since we are right on the cusp of the freeze line and usually don’t dip below it for more than a few hours each year, we can grow all types of citrus.  Since many Citrus varieties like a string of at least some cool nights, Central Florida tends to be the perfect climate for the greatest production of tasty fruit. Many newcomers to our area immediately want to plant their favorite type of Citrus tree so they can have fresh fruit and juice right from their backyard once they bloom.

Keep it Green can sell all types of Citrus Trees in 5, 10, 15, and 30 gallon containers.  We generally stock the entire selection of 10 gallon containers in our nursery.  They plant out to about 3-1/2 feet and should fruit in their first year.

Our citrus trees come only from high end, elite growers, with high quality grafts.  They are state inspected, treated, and registered.

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We have them in many forms depending on how you want to add them to your yard.  We sell pots for you to take home for planting, we can plant them for you, or incorporate them into a comprehensive landscape design and perform the installation. Some of our customers want large, fully grown fruit trees so they can pick fresh fruit immediately upon planting.  We can accommodate them with a mature tree grown on one of our tree farms.  If necessary, our planting crew can even use a crane to place one in your yard.

Care for Citrus

New Citrus trees require full sun and well drained soil.  An ideal planting area would be on a slightly raised area with no grass or mulch directly below the branches.  The Tampa area’s soil is usually nutrient poor in its natural state so adequate fertilization is necessary to maximize the growth of Citrus trees. Citrus should never be pruned since they are self-pruning. Do not overwater them.  Excess water can easily damage the trees when there is not enough drainage.