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Keep it Green Tampa Bay Irrigation Installation

New Sprinkler System Installation

New Sprinkler System

True to its name, Keep it Green installs all types of irrigation systems needed for your yard in Tampa Bay. We handle new construction, first time installations, or repairs of an existing system. In most cases, we recommend a combination of sprinklers and drip irrigation for a yard with both plants and a lawn. You can expect us to:

  • Check local codes and requirements for a permit
  • Create a design drawing for property
  • Develop your sprinkler zones based upon plant types and watering needs.
  • Tap into main water supply line
  • Dig all trench lines
  • Lay pipes with necessary connections and valves
  • Install timer
  • Connect the sprinklers
  • Thoroughly educate you on proper operation and maintenance of your new irrigation system.

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Irrigation Pipe Digging

Irrigation Pipe Digging

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

If you need an underground sprinkler system installed, we have the expertise needed to design it with the correct amount of pressure and water flow. We are certified by all the manufacturers we represent to install their system to the highest specifications. We can also repair your existing sprinkler system that may need a few valves replaced or some areas repiped. We install systems from major manufacturers such as:

  • Hunter
  • Rainbird
  • K-Rain
Drip Irrigation Before Mulch

Drip Irrigation Installation

Drip Irrigation Systems

We employ at least some drip irrigation in a majority of instances when installing a new landscape system. It essentially consists of tubing similar to a hose with holes that is wrapped around trees and through plant beds. The tubing is then covered by mulch so it is not visible but remains on top of the soil to deliver moisture through the holes directly to the roots. The drip holes are usually one foot apart so a plant will generally be near two holes. Trees often need more water so we wrap the tubing around it a few times. If a plant has access to two holes, we can consider that it gets a two-gallon flow of water per hour during irrigation times. Our customers generally run the system twice weekly. The drip irrigation system is not subject to the same watering restrictions as a sprinkler system since water use is so much more efficient and it is underground. There are several advantages of using this method of watering. The consistent moisture release vastly enhances plant growth but its slow nature doesn’t waste water through evaporation or overwatering. Plants also endure less stress caused by variations of moisture in the soil. All these benefits, combined with a much lower cost than other methods of watering, make it a tremendous value for anyone looking for irrigation in Tampa Bay.

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