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Live Oak

The Live Oak is a magnificent evergreen tree with a wide spreading canopy, young bright olive-green leaves, and glossy, dark green leaves at maturity . This tree is adapted to drought and does its best growing in clay loams. With its arching branches that can grow long enough to brush the ground, and the fact that it grows very quickly when it is young and has the ability to live for centuries, it is no wonder people love the live oak tree.

Names Quercus virginiana, Live Oak, Coastal Live Oak, Virginia Live Oak, Southern Live Oak
Plant Type Broadleaf Evergreen
Hardiness Zones  7-10
Blooms Some species have white flowers which bloom in spring.
Light Needs Full sun to partial shade
Water Needs High drought tolerance
Growth Rate Young trees grow three feet each year, and then medium growth, about 2.5” per year
Mature Size 40’-80’ high, 60’-100’ spread
Cold Tolerance Different species of Live Oak react better to the cold than others, although earlier freezes may limit acorn production.

Live Oak Care

Prune when the tree is young to help it establish its main branches. Make sure the soil is kept adequately moist. Also, make sure it has enough room for its large root system below ground and its sweeping canopy above ground.

Design Ideas

The Live Oak is a majestic shade tree, known for its beauty and its hardiness. They are beautiful as street trees with the right pruning and care. It is perfect for climbing, and it is a wonderful home to many small animals, without the pest problems that other tree species may have. The Live Oak gives a yard that laid-back, southern charm while bringing all the benefits of a shade tree, such as lower cooling bills, partly because the tree deflects the sun’s rays, and partly because larger trees cool the temperatures. And because of the rapid grown of the Live Oak when it is young, homeowners do not have to wait a lifetime to reap the benefits of this majestic tree