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Flowering Trees

Flowering Crepe Myrtle

Flowering Crepe Myrtle in Bloom

Flowering trees combine the luxurious greenery and plentiful shade of traditional landscape trees with a burst of exuberant color. Fortunately for Tampa residents, flowering trees flourish in our climate. The long, hot summers, abundant rainfall and relatively cool, dry winters make it possible to grow a variety of subtropical beauties as well as a few transplants from more northern climes.

Add interest and color to front yards and parkways or create blooming bowers for backyard picnics with a flowering tree. Some trees bear sweetly scented flowers all year long while others produce a stunning show of seasonal color. Many varieties are attractive to birds and butterflies. Choose a tree with blossoms that complement your outdoor décor or one that makes a showy splash against an otherwise sedate garden.

Flowering trees range in size from the modest to the awe-inspiring. Some of the more popular smaller trees include the striking and evergreen bottlebrush and the crepe myrtle, that Southern favorite. Choose a tulip tree for amazing color of both foliage and flowers. The Jacaranda is a magnificent specimen. Its impressive height and abundant lavender blossoms will be the envy of the neighborhood. There is a flowering tree available to suit every property or landscaping need.

Our wide selection of flowering trees can enhance the beauty of your home with blooming color.