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Bird of Paradise

The unique, striking flowers that resemble a colorful bird in flight make bird of paradise plants a great addition to any Tampa landscape.    Make this tropical plant the focal point in a landscape bed or pot a few to place around your pool or patio.  They are fairly resistant to cold weather, able to survive short spans of time in temperatures as low as 27 degrees. Bird of Paradise has evergreen leaves that do not drop so provide a consistent source of green color in addition to the orange flowers which bloom several times a year.

Bird of Paradise at Keep it Green

Types Bird of Paradise, Crane Flower, strelitzia reginae
Plant Type Tropical Evergreen Shrub
Hardiness Zones 9-11
Blooms Late Winter thru Early Summer
Light Needs Full to Partial Sun
Water Needs Steady While Young
Soil Needs Moist, Well-Drained

Care Information

Make sure to give the bird of paradise plenty of water once planting for six months to establish a strong root system.  After that, water only during extended periods of dryness.  A general purpose fertilizer at the beginning of growing season can help the plant thrive. Although it can survive very short periods of cold weather, make sure you do cover the plant during cold nights or bring any potted plants inside to preserve any possible blooming flowers. Keep in mind some parts of the plant are poisonous if ingested.

Design Ideas

The plants grow slowly in clumps from three to five feet tall so don’t take up too much space.  Put them in the middle of a landscape bed or a few around the edges.  Potted plants will spice up any area of a patio or porch or add can add a tropical look to any environment. Keep it Green carries several bird of paradise plants at our plant nursery in Apollo Beach.  Take it home to plant in your yard or come to pick out a pot you like and we will prepare everything for you.  We are minutes from:

  • Apollo Beach
  • Riverview
  • Tampa
  • Temple Terrace
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