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Bougainvillea in Tampa Bay

The Bougainvillea possesses many tropical characteristics that make it a perfect flowering plant for our Tampa area.  It blooms practically all winter bringing astounding color to landscapes that may otherwise become a little bland during those months.  They continue to bloom, although not quite as frequently, during the summer.  The actual flowers are small and white but the abundant color comes from the “bracts” surrounding them.  The Bougainvillea  blooms in a variety of colors depending on the cultivar you buy.  Plant different types for a wide range of color in your garden. In addition to providing plentiful color, the Bougainvillea is hardy, thriving in all Florida weather conditions.  It is very drought tolerant while still able to withstand wet summer conditions during the rainy season if adequately drained.  Its growth can be extremely flexible depending on the presentation you desire.  The leaves remain evergreen and keep the plant aesthetically pleasing while not in bloom. Bougainvillea at Keep it Green

Types Bougainvillea Glabra, Paper flower
Plant Type Tropical Evergreen Flowering Vine
Hardiness Zones 9-10
Blooms All Year, height in Winter
Light Needs Full to Partial Sun
Water Needs Steady While Young
Soil Needs Well-Drained if Wet

Design Ideas

The versatility of the Bougainvillea provides a multitude of ways to use it in your landscape design or as a single plant.  You can train it to grow tall or keep it short to serve as a colorful groundcover.  It can hang off and grow down a trellis or serve as a single, colorful shrub. They also make terrific hanging baskets indoors or outdoors on a patio.  Keep it Green sells Bougainvillea is several forms.  We have individual flowers ready for the ground or hanging baskets for your home.  We will also create custom arrangements in pots or baskets of your choice. Come in today to see for yourself.  We are minutes from Apollo Beach, Gibsonton, or Riverview and a very easy trip for anyone living in:

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