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Sunburst Tangerine Tree

The Sunburst Tangerine is one of the most popular planted mandarin hybrid trees in the world. The tree produces a small, vibrant orange fruit that is very sweet. The tree foliage is dark green and leafy, moderately vigorous and has no thorns. The fruit matures from mid November to late December. The Sunburst Tangerine is a cross between two other citrus hybrids, Robinson and Osceola, very to peel and tasty to each.

Tangerine Tree at Keep it Green

Name Sunburst Tangerine
Fruit Orange Chrome to Flame Scarlet
Fruits Mid November – Late December
Seeds Varies 1-20
Size Small-Medium, 2-1/2″-3″
Blooms Early Spring – Late Summer
Light Needs Full Sun
Hardiness Zone 8a-11
Cold Hardiness Cover or bring in if freeze is expected
Water Needs Twice a week for 1st 2 weeks, Once a week thereafter

Care Information

When caring for your new Sunburst Tangerine tree, it is important to water it consistently until it has a good root system in place. Keep weeds and grass away from the base of your tree by at least one foot. Young Tangerine trees do not do well with competition or crowding from other plants. Keeping a one foot perimeter around the trunk is essential to growing a strong, healthy tree. You should not fertilize your tree upon planting it. After the tree has taken root and has begun to grow, you may begin to fertilize it. It is important to note that if you live in a colder climate, where temperatures could drop to below freezing, you should cover your tree or bring it indoors if potted, until the cold weather has passed.

Design Ideas

Tangerine trees thrive in full sun, so planting them in a sunny area of your lawn would be ideal. They will give you great shade and beautiful bright orange fruit to compliment the rest of your yard. With Sunburst Tangerine trees available in 5 gallon, 10 gallon, 15 gallon and 30 gallon options, there are endless ways to incorporate these beautiful trees into your lawn. Come into the nursery and see for yourself how versatile and beautiful these tress can be. All of our tress are fruit bearing, and we always have numerous 10 gallon size trees in stock.

All of our citrus trees come only from high end, elite growers. All have high quality graft, have been state inspected, are current, treated, and registered. All registered trees in the state of Florida have to have a tag on the tree stating that it is good for one year. You can feel confident that all of our trees in the nursery follow these guidelines.