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Drake Elm

The Drake Elm is a beautiful, fast growing tree that grows up to 40 to 50 feet tall. Its bark is unique; it has a mottled pattern with varying colors such as green, orange, brown, and grey. The mottled pattern gives off the uniqueness of the tree, along with its two to three-inch long, dark and shiny leaves. The leaves are dark green and have a leathery feel to it; they outshine the leaves of other trees. Its beauty and uniqueness is what draws many people to have one in their yard.

Drake Elm at Keep it Green

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Names Ulmus parviflora, Drake Elm, Lacebark, Chinese Elm
Plant Type Semi deciduous
Hardiness Zones 6-10
Blooms No Flower
Light Needs Direct to partial sunlight
Water Needs Very drought tolerant once established. Excessive at beginning.
Mature Size 30-40 ft
Cold Tolerance Extremely cold tolerant

General Care

Drake Elm trees are very hardy and require little care after the initial planting. Pruning isn’t needed with this tree. However, branches can be cut off if they appear to be drooping or dying. It can withstand cold and harsh weather. It should be planted in well-drained soil; they shouldn’t be planted in dry soil or soil that accumulates excess water easily.

Design Ideas

The Drake Elm is an ideal tree for a grove or even along a street. If you like beauty along with uniqueness, the Drake Elm is a good choice to go with. It doesn’t have any fancy leaf colors except when the seasons change then the leaves change colors just like any other deciduous trees. However, their shiny, dark green and leathery leaves adds to the regal and beauty of the tree. In addition to the sheen of the leaves, its bark becomes more mottled and colorful as the tree ages, adding beauty to the tree. They also make excellent trees for providing shade due to their fast growth. If you are looking for a tree to provide shade in your yard, the Drake Elm might just be the tree for you!

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