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Nagami kumquat

The Fortunella margarita, also called the oval kumquat or the Nagami kumquat, is a great ornamental tree to plant in your yard in the Tampa Bay area. The tree is a close relative to Citrus species and is incredibly frost hardy. The fruit from the tree is oval shaped, a bit different than the standard round kumquat. The Nagami is an evergreen tree with beautiful foliage and flowers. The tree goes into dormancy in early autumn which lends to its better frost hardiness than its sister kumquat trees with a more tart taste.

Nagami kumquat

Names Fortunella margarita
Hardiness Zones 8-11 Outdoors, 4-11 Shelter or Patio
Cold Tolerance Can Withstand Temperatures as Low as 14 °F (-10 °C)
Flower Color White
Blooms Blooms in late Spring to mid-Summer
Seeds Few, 3-5
Size 1-1/2″, oblong
Light Needs Full to Partial Sunlight Daily
Water Needs Weekly or More Often in Extreme Heat
Soil Needs Moist, Well-Drained
Fruits Late Winter, typically February

Care Information

The Nagami kumquat can be grown in any soil but those that are less alkaline support the tree the best. Whether you plant the tree outdoors or in a container on the patio, there is no need for chemicals or pesticides as the tree is highly resistant to disease and pests. Water well for the first few days after planting in well-draining soil and then back off a bit; weekly watering of an established plant is all that is needed.

Design Ideas

Nagami kumquat trees are a great choice for any patio or outdoor garden. If you plant it outside, try to plant it near a window so you can enjoy the flowers’ rich fragrance drifting in on the breeze. The tree will add a bright burst of color to any landscape design with its dark green foliage, white flowers and beautiful orange fruit. Stop in and see the selection of Nagami kumquats for yourself and imagine one planted in your yard or as an addition to your container garden.

Nagami trees are available in 5, 10, 15 and 30 gallon sizes. Keep it Green has it on-site in the fruit bearing 10 gallon size. All citrus trees available are purchased from high-end, elite growers, state inspected and treated for pests and disease. Each tree is inspected and registered with the state of Florida for one year.