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Loquat Tree

The Loquat Tree, or Japanese Plum, is great addition to a Tampa yard as a standalone fruit tree or a great complement to other fruit trees you have.  Since the tree bears fruit starting in early spring, it can be the first producer of all your fruit trees every year.   The Loquat tree also flowers in Fall or Winter so can be an aesthetic addition to your yard during a generally dull time of the year. The loquat fruit are smaller than most fruit but can come in abundant clusters of 4 to 20.  It has an exotic, sweet taste, a cross between the guava and passion fruit, and is usually eaten as picked from the tree.  It is slightly acidic but that can be diminished if eaten at the peak of ripeness. The loquat leaf is also considered a natural herb that help your body to produce anti-aging antioxidants, combat diabetes, support the pancreas, and fight skin cancer.

Japanese Plum or Loquat

Loquat - Click to Enlarge

Names Japanese plum, nispero japones, Japanese medlar
Plant Type Fruit Bearing Evergreen Tree
Tree Size 10ft up to 30ft tall  
Hardiness Zones 7 – 10
Blooms Early to Mid-Spring
Light Needs Full sun is ideal
Water Needs Steady during dry periods while producing fruit
Soil Needs Well-Drained, not tolerant to flooded soils

Care Information

Immediately after planting, spread ¼  pound of young tree fertilizer around the base and repeat this process every two months for the first year.  Plant with and maintain a 2-3 inch grass free area around the base of the tree since it is susceptible to injury from weedeaters and lawnmowers.  A layer of mulch around the grass free base will add a protective layer, reduce weeds, and retain moisture. 

Buy the Japanese Loquat Tree

Keep it Green usually has a large supply of Japanese Loquat trees for anyone in the Tampa area to purchase.  Come in to pick them up or we can deliver as many as you want directly to your home.  We are convenient to many areas of Tampa Bay including:

  • Apollo Beach
  • Riverview
  • Tampa
  • Temple Terrace
  • Gibsonton
  • Brandon
  • Lithia
  • Bloomingdale
Japanese Loquat

Japanese Loquat at Keep it Green