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Persian Lime

In the Tampa Bay area, Persian Lime trees are often simply referred to as a lime tree.  These citrus limes are a little less acidic than Key Limes, they grow a little larger, and are more hardy.  They are also seedless and do not have thorns on the bushes.  No backyard citrus tree collection is truly complete without a lime tree.  It is an attractive tree even while not bearing fruit because of its evergreen leaves and fragrant white flowers while blooming in the spring and winter.

Harvest this fruit while the skin is still green to enjoy the juicy and acidic pale yellow flesh.

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Names Citrus latifolia, Persian Lime, Tahiti Lime, Bearss Lime
Plant Type Citrus Tree
Hardiness Zones 9 – 11
Blooms Early Spring – Late Summer
Light Needs Full to Partial Sun
Water Needs Plentiful While Young
Soil Needs Well-Drained
Fruits Everbearing
Seeds None, 0-1
Size 1-3/4″-2-1/2″


The winter of 2009 was a particularly tough one for Persian Limes in the Tampa Bay area since they are a bit less cold hardy than other citrus trees.  The extended below freezing temperatures destroyed a majority of trees, including many grower’s supply.  The situation has brought about a shortage of trees but Keep it Green is working to attain all it can for our customers to replace lost trees.  We can help you with Persian Lime Trees in many sizes.  Give us a call or stop by to see our selection.  We are minutes from:

  • Apollo Beach
  • Riverview
  • Tampa
  • Temple Terrace
  • Gibsonton
  • Brandon
  • Lithia
  • Bloomingdale