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Sylvester Palm Trees

Palm trees are known for adding a tropical ambiance wherever they are found. Plant a Sylvester Palm tree, and create your very own tropical getaway. The Sylvester Palm tree is native to southern Pakistan, most of India and Bangladesh. They are quite hardy, easy to grow and are resistant to many diseases common to other types of palm trees. They also require little to no maintenance. Because of this, a Sylvester Palm would make a great addition alone in a single pot, or planted in small grouping of 3-5 trees.

Sylvester Palm Tree

Sylvester Palm Tree

Names Sugar Date Palm, India Date Palm, Silver Date Palm, and Wild Date Palm
Plant Type Dwarf Palm Tree, tropical perennial
Hardiness Zones 8-11
Blooms In Late Spring/Early Summer
Light Needs Full sun to partial shade
Water Needs Average water needs
Soil Needs Moist, Well-Drained
Cold Tolerance Cold Hardy

General Care

This palm tree has average water needs and can be grown both outdoors, in the ground or in a large pot. Each season old leaves should be pruned to prevent a “skirt” from forming. The Sylvester Palm is dioecious
and the male and female flowers are on born on different plants. If fertilized, female flowers will produce an edible oval-shaped sweet fruit that contains a seed. The trunk of the Sylvester Palm is very robust and the leaf scars are sharp and spiny; care should be taken when planting and handling young trees.

Design Ideas

The Sylvester Palm tree is fast growing, and because it’s height can reach over 40 feet, there may be some limitations on where it is best suited. It’s probably not the best palm for an indoor setting. The Sylvester Palm would be perfect planted along the length of a private driveway, or anywhere on a beach-front property to help create the right ambiance for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather Tampa Bay has to offer. A Sylvester Palm would also create a dramatic tropical feel when planted in front of an entrance to a grand hotel, resort or private home.