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Guava Tree

Guava trees are hardy and easy to care for. They make a charming and healthy addition to any Tampa-area home garden. Guavas are versatile and can be pruned to create hedges or shrubs. The beautiful and faintly sweet-smelling flowers are the prelude to tasty and nutritious fruit. Rich in antioxidants, guavas can have four times the vitamin C of an orange. They can be eaten as-is, used in fruit salads or juiced. Keep it Green has a large selection of these subtropical beauties available in 10-gallon pots, 3-1/2 feet tall, bearing fruit, and ready to plant.

Names Psidium guajava L.; guyava; kuawa; Apple Guava
Hardiness Zones
Flower Color
Blooms Spring, Summer
Fruit Round or pear-shaped to 4 inches
Fruits Fall to Early Winter
Light Needs Full sun, Partial Shade Tolerant
Water Needs Steady when young, once weekly when mature, somewhat drought tolerant
Soil Needs Moist, Well-Drained
Cold Tolerance to 30F

Care Information

Plant these fast-growing trees year-round in full sun. Guava trees tolerate most soil types but cannot thrive in salty soils. Water needs are moderate after the first month. Allow soil to dry to a few inches before watering when mature. Hardy in both dry and humid areas, guava trees can withstand some drought periods. Over-watering can adversely affect fruit production. Fertilize monthly and prior to pruning. Prune to shape and remove suckers. Fruit springs from new growth. Usually pollinated by honeybees.

Design Ideas

Distinctive for their copper-colored bark that peels away to reveal the pale green layer beneath, guava trees have long, deep-green and leathery leaves year-round. These adaptable trees can be pruned into dense, bushy shrubs, and are useful as wind or privacy screens or as hedges. Guava trees grow quickly and typically bloom and fruit out twice yearly, usually in summer or spring. The beautiful white flowers are lightly scented, and soon open into star-like bursts of white and yellow stamens. The fruit produces a sweet, musky smell when ripe, permeating summer evenings with the scent of the tropics.

Keep it Green has a large selection of guava trees in 5, 10, 15 and 30-gallon pots. Cocktail fruit is available in 15 and 30-gallon sizes. Our trees are of the highest quality, purchased only from elite growers and cultivated from high-quality grafts. All of our trees are state inspected, treated, tagged and currently registered with the State of Florida for the period of one year.