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About Keep it Green Nursery

Keep it Green Nursery began 10 years ago after its owner’s affinity for and business dabbling with flowering plants eventually inspired him to open a full retail store. It is strategically located in Apollo Beach, just twenty minutes south of downtown Tampa, with space for current merchandise and plenty of room to grow.  It has blossomed over the years to become a full service nursery with everything customers could need to maintain a beautiful yard, landscaping, or garden.

Full Service Landscaping The store in Apollo Beach sells material from only the finest growers in Florida including:

  • Over 200 types of plants
  • In-Season Flowers
  • Fruit Trees
  • Shade Trees
  • Palm Trees
  • Ornamental Pots
  • Yard Art
  • 3 Shade Houses

Full Service Landscaping

While a great stop for do-it-yourselfers, Keep it Green Nursery also offers full service landscaping with a team of professionals including landscape design architects, seasoned project managers, uniformed crew, and a fleet of dedicated vans and trailers.

We will deliver custom planted pots or install a single tree in your yard.

Our landscape design process involves an at-home consultation, free landscape design by a professional architect, a review of the design at the store with live plants, and timely installation. 

We employ a consultative approach to help customers with challenging goals to tailor a unique plan to suit individual situations.  Results can be combinations of:

  • Colorful Landscape
  • Cold Hardy Landscape
  • Shade Tolerant Landscape
  • Florida Tropical Landscape
  • Low Maintenance Landscape

Our designs often include new sod, sprinkler systems, drip irrigation systems, hardscaping, and even fencing.  We can deliver and plant large trees to create an instant look of maturity.

Call us today to set up an appointment or stop by to see it for yourself.