Keep it Green Before and After Landscapes 5-8

Patio Landscape Before

Patio Landscape

Enjoy your outdoor grill-outs with a colorful landscaped patio. We planted a Gem (Dwarf) Magnolia tree that will bloom brilliant white flowers as a centerpiece. The Yellow Variegated Trinet provides contrast to the dark green tree and is supported by plants with striking colors:

  • Red drift rose
  • Yellow iris
  • Green fountain grass,
  • Texas Purple Sage

Patio Landscape After

Front Yard Touch Up

Front Yard Color Charge

We tore out the shrubs under the tree to install shade tolerant colorful Caladiums. We took out the Shillings and Podocarpus that attract insects. In their place, in the areas of full sun, we planted:

  • Parsoni Juniper
  • Tropical Peace Lilly
  • Lady Palm
  • Foxtail ferns
  • White Dianella

Front Yard Landscape Touch Up

Backyard Porch View

Backyard Porch View

This complete backyard landscape created a striking view from the back porch and hammock. A selection of the plants we used include:

  • Robellini
  • Blue Agapanthus
  • Texas Sage
  • Plum Loropetalum
  • Yellow Trumpet Tree
  • Cannas

The middle area is filled in with Jasmine Mimina, a great groundcover as a maintenance free grass alternative.

Backyard Porch View After

Lania Landscape

Lanai Landscape

This customer wanted to have a colorful landscape around the lanai to enjoy while reading and relaxing in the hottub.  We planted many different colors of flowers that will bloom during different times of the years for a dyanmic look.  The Drift Roses and Hibiscus will eventually grow fuller to provide almost full coverage.Lanai After

Before and After 1-4

Patio Landscape

Patio Landscape

This customer came to the Keep it Green design team looking for a tropical look in their back patio. We figured we could give them very tropical, less cold hardy color because the back porch would protect everything from infrequent but probable extra cold nights in Tampa Bay. This project includes:

  • Quadruple Adonida Palms
  • Crotons
  • Bird of Paradise

Patio After



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