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Crape Myrtle Tree Nursery in Tampa Bay

The Crape Myrtle has blossomed in Tampa and throughout Florida over the past thirty years.  Superior breeding has produced hybrids of the species with improved flowering, ornamental bark and resistance to disease.  The variety of flower color offers a great deal of choices when planting to complement other trees. 

Crepe Mertle

Crepe Mertle

Types Crape Myrtle Tall, Crape Myrtle Dwarf, Crape Myrtle Medium
Plant Type Deciduous shrub or tree
Hardiness Zones 7-9
Blooms Abundant summer flowers
Light Needs Full to Partial Sun
Water Needs Extremely drought tolerant
Soil Needs Moist, Well-Drained during first two months, avoid continuous wet soil

Care Information

To keep your Crape Myrtle at the proper size, prune them in late winter or early spring.  Since the flowers bloom on new growth, cutting right before the growing season starts insures an abundance of flowers.  Do not cut before the last frost of the season as that may promote growth during a less desirable time.

Water and fertilize consistently during the first two months after planting your Crape Myrtle.  Although very tolerant to extended dry periods and sun, abundant watering can enhance the flowers during blooming.

Design Ideas

Although extremely versatile as a tree, shrub, large tree, groundcover, or potted plant, the Crape Myrtle is best utilized as a small tree in the midst of a Florida landscape.  It’s incredible perseverance in the face of extended periods of sun during the hot summer months give landscape architect freedom to incorporate it within a design. It fills any yard with an abundance of color since some species flower starting in May and will continue to do so for the entire summer.

Keep it Green can help you with Crepe Myrtle in many sizes.  Give us a call or stop by to see our selection.  We are minutes from:

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