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Traveler’s Palm

Traveler’s palm is a beautiful plant that resembles a fan. It has been described as being part banana plant and part palm tree. This plant should not be planted in an area that falls below or cannot be protected from temperatures under 20 degrees or where large gusts of wind can damage the leaves on this plant. A mature traveler’s palm will stay in bloom all year long and it will develop a small brown fruit with blue seeds.  It can make a wonderful accent to your landscape. The traveler’s palm can be grown from seeds.  This tree can give your home a more tropical look, great if you live in the Florida area. Also this plant does not look like a traditional palm tree so it will give your house quite a unique look.

Names Travelers palm, Fan Palm, Traveler’s Tree, Ravenala Madagascariensis
Hardiness Zones 9a-11
Blooms In Late Spring/Early Summer
Light Needs Prefers Full Sun
Water Needs Average water needs
Soil Needs Moist, Well-Drained
Cold Tolerance Down to 20 Degrees

Care instructions

A Traveler’s Palm does require watering but make sure not to overdo it. The soil also needs to remain moist so be sure to check it in between waterings, more frequently in non-humid times of the year.  This plant is a heavy feeder
and does very well with fertilizer. Pruning also will need to be done to maintain a strong structure. No other special care needs to be take for the travelers palm. Be careful because parts of it are poisonous if ingested.

Design Ideas

The traveler’s palm is a large plant so it does require a lot of space. These plants would look great spread out in your front or back yard. They would also look nice sporatically placed around a pool area or lining a driveway. Traveler’s palms can be purchased at Keep It Green nursery in Apollo Beach.  We are conveniently located near:

  • Apollo Beach
  • Riverview
  • Tampa
  • Temple Terrace
  • Gibsonton
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  • Lithia
  • Bloomingdale

So stop in today to pick up your Traveler’s Palm and look at the many other great plants we have.  We can even bring them to your home and plant them for you.