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Tampa’s Best Impatiens

As the searing heat of the Tampa summer gives way to a more tolerable cool climate, garden and landscaping enthusiasts flock to nurseries to pick up impatiens to add vibrant color.  They are the most dependable and prolific flowering plants this time of year in our climate. They will bloom almost constantly in the Florida sun or shade until a possible first frost.  Plant them in early October if you want to have your yard colorful for the holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  ImpatiensTake a look at some of the impatiens we have here at our store.  Keep it Green always has a plentiful area of impatiens ready for you to take home.  Pick out your favorite colors and you are off for planting.  We can also pot them for you or come to your house to plant them in your yard in Brandon, Riverview, Gibsonton, and, of course Apollo Beach. Here are some tips to make sure your plants thrive and the flowers are vibrant:

  • Plant your impatiens with a high quality time-release fertilizer; we can help choose the right one.
  • Try to keep the plants thoroughly watered yet not constantly soaked.  They can easily develop problems if left in soggy soil or poorly draining pots.
  • If the soil dries out, you will have damages flowers that will need time to recover.  Extended periods of poor water will cause them to die.
  • If you want to plant impatiens when it is still hot, put them on the East and North sides to keep direct sunlight at a minimum.
  • Smaller plants may be the way to go since they take to the soil quicker and will eventually grow larger because of that and produce better flowers.

Call us for any other questions about impatiens and don’t hesitate to stop into our store or see orlando plants.