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Page Orange Trees

The Page Orange Citrus Tree would be a terrific addition to any garden landscape in the Tampa Bay area. It is a hybrid that was originally designed 70 years ago to be a commercially grown fruit, but when growers tried unsuccessfully to cause them to produce larger fruit, plans came to a halt. Today they are mostly privately grown. The fruit produced is small (a little larger than a plum)and great for families: kids will appreciate it being easy to peel and they are great juicing oranges. The page orange produces from October until December, and at times to February, typically producing a large amount of quality, sweet delicious fruit. If you are looking for a fruit bearing tree to supply your family for a good part of the year, then come check out the Page Orange here at Keep It Green.

Name Page Orange
Fruit Orange Chrome to Flame Scarlet
Fruits October-February
Blooms Early Spring – Late Summer
Light Needs Full Sun
Hardiness Zone 8b-10
Cold Hardiness To 30 Degrees
Seeds Varies 0-25
Size Small 2″-2-1/2″

Care Instructions

Knowlege of citrus trees keep them healthy. Careful attention early on will allow it to thrive into maturity. After a page orange is first planted water every other day for the first couple of weeks until it is stable in the soil. Later, they only need water a couple times a week depending on rainfall. The page orange is a hybrid that is susceptible to scab fungus diseases, and need to be treated with fungus spay on a set schedule to keep from infection, particularly in the spring.

Design Ideas

If you are looking for a citrus tree that is not too large, try the page orange. It has a beautiful colored fruit and the dark evergreen leaves make it a charming tree all year long. In its productive season its branches hang low with all the fruit on its branches.

At Keep It Green we always carry a large selection of 10 gallon in stock, though we also carry 5, 15, and 30 gallon.

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