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Foxtail Palm Tree

Foxtail Palm Trees are one of Tampa Bay’s more striking and unique palm trees that provide an impressive addition to any landscape.   They quickly grow to their mature height of about 30 feet with impressive foliage including leaves that radiate out in all directions.  The gray and green clean trunk is the foxtail’s signature along with its branches that resemble a fox’s tail.  They have a very deep root system which makes Foxtail Palms resistant to the wind and more drought tolerant than other palms.

Foxtail Palm Picture

Freshly Planted Foxtail Palm

Name wodyetia bifurcate
Tree Type Slender Gray Single Palm
Hardiness Zones 10, 11
Height Twenty to Thirty Feet
Light Needs Full Sun to Partial Shade
Flower Coler White
Blooms Repeatedly
Water Needs Steady While Young
Soil Needs Well Drained, Tolerates Wide Range of Soil

Care Information

Make sure you put your foxtail palm in a location that will get plenty of sun.  Since the tree needs an abundance of potassium, choose a fertilizer made for palm trees and apply twice a year.  Mature Foxtail Palms can survive small periods of freezing temperatures as low as thirty degrees but make sure you do everything you can to protect against the need to test it, especially for younger trees.

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Call us or come by today to check availability of our Foxtail Palms as we help supply all our customers to replace the trees we lost during the extended cold winter.  We can sell small trees in single pots or plant large Foxtails as part of a comprehensive landscape design. We are very close to Riverview, South Tampa, Gibsonton, Ellenton, and the entire South Shore area.