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Fountains: A Special Touch

Keep it Green Fountain Project

Newly Installed Fountain

Keep it Green always looks forward to the work when our customers give us the opportunity to complement their landscape with a stunning water feature. We can’t say enough about how much distinction and beauty is introduced when a fountain is placed in the landscape. What’s more, its presence adds a value to the property that exceeds the original cost of the fountain.

Selecting a Fountain

The two fountain companies we work with are Distinctive Statuary and Massarelli’s. We have found them to be the most reliable companies in the industry.  Along with that, they sell other products that go with your fountain.  For example, sometimes the pumps that run the fountains need to be replaced.  Good to know we can order parts that will fit and function.

When one of our customers expresses an interest in fountains, they can either come in our store to look at the selection we have onsite or go online to these extensive websites to pick out one or a few that peak their interest.


Distinctive Statuary


Any fountain purchase at Keep it Green needs to include a site visit to your property to insure your choice is a perfect fit.  Several factors should influence your fountain type including the size of plants and trees around it or the amount of wind the area gets. 



Keep it Green Fountains

Fountain Display - Click to Enlarge

We can install a fountain for as little as $350—ranging to $10,000. It was our honor to install a large fountain on the Southern Hillsborough Community College Campus. Whether it’s a small or large installation, we work with our customers’ budget to arrange a turnkey price. Many folks are selecting the fountain and ordering it, then hiring a landscaper, electrician and so forth to install it.  We take charge of the entire process:  the ordering, coordinating the installation date and doing the work—all for one price. Our customers are always happy with the convenience and getting one bill and point of contact for the fountain purchase.


The most important aspect is to ensure that the fountain has a good foundation that is strictly level or the fountain doesn’t operate correctly. We don’t leave the property until we’re certain our work is completed to the satisfaction of our customers. Our goal is for them to be thrilled with the way it looks, recognizing the wonderful effect it has on their landscape.

Keep it Green Fountain

Fountain at Keep it Green