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Tampa Bay Large Tree Installation

Keep it Green can help give your Tampa yard a look of instant maturity with a wide selection of large trees.   We deliver and install many types and sizes of large trees including:

  • Magnolias
  • Sylvester Palms
  • Queen Palm
  • Coconut Palms
  • Fruit Trees
  • Citrus Trees

We will consult with you on the proper age and height of a tree for you yard considering:

  • Future Tree Growth
  • Sun Patterns
  • Shade Tolerance
  • Property Characteristics
  • Complementary Landscaping
  • Soil Characteristics
  • Tree Costs

Our installation experts can perform a crane installation if necessary, sometimes lifting trees over the entire house or telephone wires.  We dig the hole to a precise depth which will leave the tree slightly above the ground once set in the hole.  Once placed, the tree needs to be permanently set by letting the tree ball absorb enough water so there is no air between it and the ground.  We put a layer of nutrient rich soil in the hole to facilitate the root’s transition.

The large tree installation in the video on this page is a hybrid Sylvester palm.  If you watch the video, you will see the branches are tied up above the tree for a period of four weeks to make sure the ball has the proper support to keep the branches healthy.   The tree is set by letting water settled under the root ball with a hose to keep the tree in a firm position.  This particular tree received close to 100 gallons of water daily for three weeks as it settled and became acclimated to the new area.  Six months later, the tree is open and growing beautifully.

Call Keep it Green today to set up a consultation at your home.  We will recommend the correct type and size tree for you and even take you to look at the specific live trees we can transport and install in your yard in:

  • Tampa
  • Brandon
  • Riverview
  • Apollo Beach
  • Bloomingdale
  • Gibsonton
  • Ellenton