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Loropetalum, also known as Chinese witch hazel, has become a popular flowering evergreen shrub among southern gardeners. With its striking and aromatic ribbon-like blooms and fast-growing hardy drought-resistant nature that experiences no major disease or pest problems, it is a pleasure to grow and an ideal choice for planting in the warm Tampa climate.

Besides the traditional full white-flowering variety, it is also now available in many other brilliant shades and sizes such as “Plum Delight,” “Fire Dance,” and “Sizzling Pink” which are known to attract a wonderful array of birds and butterflies native to Central Florida.


Loropetalum at Keep it Green

Varieties White-flowering Loropetalum chinense, Pink-flowering Loropetalum c rubrum
Plant Type Tropical Flowering Evergreen Shrub
Hardiness Zones 7-10
Blooms Late Spring through Summer
Light Needs Full Sun to Partial Shade
Water Needs 1 or 2 times per week, more during dry spells
Soil Needs Moist, Well-Drained, Loose, Acidic

Care Information

Apply a fertilizer designed for acid-loving plants in early Spring, and twice more during the season. Burgundy varieties require more frequent fertilization and full sun to retain their coloring. Also remove dead and broken stems near the ground and prune in the Fall which is important to the healthy growth of the shrub. Apply a layer of mulch to a thickness appropriate to the climate and season – shallow in warmer environments and deeper layers to protect the roots if a freeze is expected.

Design Ideas

The larger species of Loropetalum can serve as a stunning focal point or as part of a vibrant hedge, and smaller varieties can border flower gardens where the fragrance can be enjoyed at its height in the summer, or be placed in containers to add rich tones, accentuate, and revive the landscaping around your home or business. When choosing planting locations, remember to avoid alkaline conditions such as near concrete driveways, foundations, or patios where lime can leach and damage the acid-loving shrubs.

Keep it Green carries several Loropetalum plants. Pick one up at our nursery in Apollo Beach or select a pot and we will prepare everything for you. We are minutes from:

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