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Awnings From DesignOne

Expand your horizons, lower your indoor cooling costs and do more outdoor living with retractable awnings from DesignOne now displayed on-site at Keep it Green Nursery.

Escaping the heat and the damaging rays of the sun is important to Florida residents, but building a fixed patio or porch is costly and requires dealing with permits, contractors and possibly your Homeowners Association. Now, skip the hassles and enjoy sun or shade on your schedule without detracting from the architectural lines of your house. Unlike other manufacturers that mass-produce awnings in a few standard colors and sizes for sale at big-box home improvement or warehouse stores, DesignOne offers dozens of frame and cover options in sizes and colors that suit your existing landscaping and outdoor décor.

The DesignOne Difference

Every one of our awnings is manufactured with high-quality European engineering and is self-supporting, so there are never any unsightly poles, posts or uprights to obstruct your view.  Heavy-duty seamless vinyl solar fabric carries a 10-year warranty and blocks 78 percent of harmful UV rays.

  • Awnings can reduce outdoor temperatures by as much as 10 degrees in covered areas.
  • Powder-coated extruded aluminum frames resist rust and corrosion and are backed by a lifetime guarantee.
  • Motorized awnings open and close with the push of a button and include an 18-foot power cord, remote control and manual override.

Three Great Lines to Choose From

7700 Series

Perfect for smaller homes or patios, the semi-retractable 7700 Series delivers all the quality you’d expect from DesignOne at a budget-friendly price. Two frame colors and six fabric options in four popular sizes come complete with adjustable pitch to create custom contemporary looks that add value and style to your home.

300 Series

Enjoy casual outdoor dining or shelter from a light summer shower beneath this fully retractable designer awning. The 300 Series mounts in only 6 inches of space and virtually vanishes when not in use. Choose from 37 custom sizes up to 23 feet wide covered with world-famous Sunbrella fabric in dozens of colors and designs.

8700 Series

Indulge in ultimate luxury and relax in cool, comfortable shade with our completely customized 8700 Series awnings, made to order to your specifications in 1-inch increments up to a maximum width of 26 feet. Four frame colors and a variety of elegant fabrics add even more style. Our exclusive Flex-Pitch technology allows manual adjustment both left to right and front to back for complete sun coverage at any hour.

Stop by Keep it Green Nursery today for a firsthand look at high quality awnings that will serve as an superb investment in your home.

Porch with a view from the awning.

Awning on Display at Keep it Green