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Fishtail Palm

Originating in Southeast Asia, the Fishtail Palm is an eye catching choice to enhance any Tampa area landscape. Also called Clustered Fishtail Palm and Hawaiian Fishtail Palm, the name originates from the striking resemblance of the leaves to the tails of fish. This clustering palm is known for quick growth and does well both indoors and outside. The rough edges of each uniquely shaped leaf lend a luscious, tropical feel and look. Tropical and sub-tropical climates are ideal for optimal growth but the Fishtail Palm has been known to tolerate below freezing temperatures for short periods of time.

Fishtail Palm

Fishtail Palm Tree

Name caryota mites
Plant Type Tropical Evergreen
Hardiness Zones 10-11
Blooms Once before dying
Light Needs Moderate to High
Drought Tolerance Moderate
Up to 30 ft
Cold Tolerance Cold Hardy, as low as 20 degrees


The Fishtail Palm is a fairly hardy plant and is quite adaptable. However, it does best if watered approximately once a week. The soil should partially dry between watering but should never be allowed to completely dry. During winter months the plant will be dormant and watering once in a two week period will be sufficient. If kept indoors, either use a humidifier or mist the foliage daily. Low humidity may stunt growth. Fishtail Palms should be fertilized once per month to achieve the best growth rate. To fertilize properly, make sure to water first and fertilize immediately afterward. This will avoid burning the roots. Fishtail Palms will survive in just about any amount of light but thrive in direct sunlight. All Fishtail Palm trees are monocarpic meaning they will bloom once just before death. Be prepared to replace a blooming plant with a new, younger plant once blooms begin to appear.

Design Ideas

Fishtail Palm trees grow rather quickly and can get quite tall, especially if outdoors. They are a great source of shade when placed on a porch, around a patio or along a poolside. Indoors, Fishtail Palms spruce up the atmosphere of sunny reading rooms or lounges. Potted Fishtail Palm trees also easily add to the décor of screened-in porches and entry ways. Visit Keep It Green to find the perfect choice for your home or yard. We are conveniently located near:

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