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Indian Hawthorn at Keep it Green Nursery

Indian Hawthorn has become a favorite as the foundation of many Tampa Bay landscapes.  It is a hardy, medium size shrub that requires little maintenance with evergreen leaves that blooms a white or light pink flower twice a year during both the spring and fall. The shrub grows slowly to a height of only four or five feet and eventually shapes into a mound if left untrimmed.  They can make a great landscape shrub or border to a driveway, walkway, or along a fence.  If necessary, they are one of the few shrubs that can be limited to growth under three feet while still maintaining their characteristics. Indian Hawthorne can also be used in a location with limited access for care given its general low maintenance needs.   It will thrive with heavy sunlight and in drought situations, even tolerant to light salt water spray.

Names Indian Hawthorn, India Hawthorn, Rhaphiolepis indica
Plant Type Perennial, Shrub
Hardiness Zones 7-11
Blooms Mid-Spring and Mid-Fall
Light Needs Full Sun to Partial Shade
Water Needs Regularly without overwatering
Soil Needs Moist, Well-Drained

Care Information

For best growth, plant Indian Hawthorn in a mostly sunny area of the yard.  The plants can grow to around five feet wide and five feet tall so keep that in mind as you place them in a row.  Space them a few feet apart if you eventually want a full hedge at maturity or space further if you want the mounding effect at maturity. Place mulch around the shrubs to retain moisture and water adequately during the first two growing seasons to establish a strong root system.  However, take care not to overwater.

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