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Tampa Bay Geraniums

Geraniums for Sale at Keep it GreenGeraniums are a spectacular winter flower for the Tampa area.   They are one of the world’s most popular plants due to their variety in flower colors and versatility.  Since we are at low risk for frequent frosts and geraniums grow best with temperatures in the sixties at night and seventies to mid eighties in the daytime, October and November are perfect times for planting. The Keep it Green Nursery has many types of Geraniums in stock ready for planting.  We grow them ad purchase only from high quality vendors to make sure we have the highest branching and flowering rates, high resistance to insects and diseases, and the best variety of flower colors.  We have potted plants and hanging baskets ready for purchase or we can make a custom combination of anything you want.  We can also work Geraniums into a new landscape design for the outside of your home and take care of installing the plan.

Geranium Growing Tips

We have found over the years that these tips help our customers create an environment for their Geraniums to thrive:

  • Plant early in the winter if you want Geraniums to have the best chance of surviving a possible frost in the Tampa Bay area.  Covering them before a night at risk for frost can also help.
  • Do not over water Geraniums and make sure the soil they are planted in has adequate drainage.
  • Geraniums do very well in pots and in hanging baskets because you can more easily control watering and drainage and they will like the air circulation.
  • If planting in the ground, be sure to mulch the beds.  Diseases usually spread in the soil and rain can splash up dirt onto the leaves.
  • Give your Geraniums plenty of sun.  Although partial shade is not bad, the plants flourish with 6-12 hours of sunlight per day.