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Variegated Pink Lemon Tree

Lemons have a centuries-long history of being highly valued because of their healing properties. The Variegated Pink Lemon tree is a beautiful twist on the classic lemon. These ornamental trees are small and fragrant. The leaves are grayish-green with a white, yellow or cream edge. The trees bear lovely fruit, which is a showy yellow and green. The big surprise is revealed when you cut into the fruit. The lemons have pink flesh, which is tart and makes the perfect pink lemonade.  They are not particularly cold hardy.

Names Citrus Limon, “Pink Lemonade”
Hardiness Zones 9,10,11
Flower Color white
Blooms Late Winter or Early Spring
Light Needs Full Sun
Water Needs At Least Weekly
Leaf Color
yellow and green variegation
Fruits Nov-Mar
Few, 0-6
Small-Medium, 2-1/4″-2-3/4″

Care Instructions

The Variegated Pink Lemon tree, like other citrus trees, prefers mild weather; warm winters and cool summers. They will not tolerate extreme cold and cannot be in temperatures below freezing. They require full sun and regular watering. They do well in most types of soil as long as there is good drainage. Regular watering also encourages fruit production. These trees do best in hardiness zones 9 through 12. If you live outside of those zones, you may plant this tree inside in a planter.

These trees are a great accent or shade tree. With their fragrant blooms, they attract both birds and butterflies. To bring attention to the tree’s beautifully-colored fruit, you can plant one or several against a background of evergreen shrubbery.

Design Ideas

We invite you to come visit and see these trees for yourself. The experts at Keep It Green Plant Nursery can help you with ideas regarding how this tree would best fit into your garden.

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