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The Beginner Garden for Springtime in Tampa

February 17th, 2011

Few things bring you closer to life during springtime in Tampa than starting a garden.  Now is the perfect time to begin planning the vegetables you want to grow and prepare an area.  Make this the year you teach your children how to cultivate a variety of plants and vegetables. 

Tampa GardenIf you decide to designate a part of your yard as the garden, build a box around it with pressure treated wood.  Raise it at least 8 inches from the ground and make sure it is at least a few feet from a wall or fence so you have gardening access from all sides.  

Once you have the box made, turn over the soil on the bottom with a tiller or even a shovel will do.  Add any compost you might have with peat,  Perlite, and fertilizer.  Turn the whole area again to mix everything and level then it off.

Don’t put seeds directly in the planting area, use plant seedlings you have purchased from a garden center.  Another option is to start your seeds growing for a few weeks in an egg carton or old pot.  Put the seeds in regular potting soil and place them on a window sill.  Watch them daily until ready to plant, adding water when they start to dry.

Tomatoes, peppers, peas, or collard greens are all great starter plants for a beginner.  A successful, thriving garden will be almost assured if you use these easy-to-grow plants.

We love to help all levels of gardeners here at Keep it Green.  We have everything you might need to purchase and our experts will help you make the right decisions.  You’ll find many varieties of plants at a great price.

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