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Drought Tolerant Shrubs in Tampa, Brandon, Apollo Beach

November 28th, 2010

We always have customers coming into the nursery looking for what we refer to as drought tolerant plants.  They usually say they need to grow something in a heavy shade area, often with less than ideal soil.  The request has become a little more popular because of all the water restrictions in place around the Tampa Bay area.  While most vegetation in the United States is considered at least moderately drought tolerant since they can sustain life if denied water for 2-3 months in a row, there are several shrubs that can handle all the specific characteristics of Florida.  Here is a list of the drought tolerant plants we recommend at Keep it Green:

  • Abelia
  • Buddleia (the Butterfly Bush)
  • Guava,
  • Nandina,
  • Heavenly Bamboo. 
  • Faziola
  • Indian Hawthorne.

 Another thing you can do to help during times of drought or particularly problem areas in your yard is to buy some fertilizer.  We see great results if you apply consistently every three months, even turf grass that dries out to form brown spots can spring to life.

There are many more drought tolerant plants, trees, and shrubs we can recommend depending on your application.  Please give us a call or come in to our store to learn more.

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